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 Lakehills, TX, USA


Free to a good home
  years  2   months old

Found her under my porch not too long ago, and she seemed hurt and malnourished so I took her in. Recently I decided i just can't take care of her or give her the love she deserves. I also have a 1 yr old that basically torments her, and even though she's super sweet with my kid I just feel like she'd be better with someone else. She is super cuddly, but also has her zoomies moments since she's still a kitten. Not sure her age or breed but she was a little baby when I found her and is about the size of a teenage cat. She hasn't quite learned her name yet so it shouldn't be hard to change. I've kept her inside but she seems like she could easily be outdoor/indoor, she just has never wailed to get out. Not spayed, couldn't afford it.

  • Good with kids