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 Lakehills, TX, USA


Free to a good home
Devon Rex
2  years  0   months old

I rescued Rosie probably around two years ago when she was a tiny kitten. Not sure her exact age, but she is teenage kitten size and will not get any bigger. She's spayed and chipped. Super sweet, cuddly when she gets to know you but super skittish at first. She refuses to go outside and has always been an indoor cat. Not a big fan of other animals but she hasn't hurt any of my other pets (i have had other pets in the past and also am rehoming another cat as well as her, i swear its not because of any agression, she really is a sweetheart). I just can't take care of her anymore because I have a 1year old and I work way too much. I just feel like she'd be getting the love she deserves elsewhere.

  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Microchipped