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This sweet girl is a stray that shows up at my house. By the time she trusted me enough I realized she had milk, so she has given birth once… I am also looking for loving homes for her babies(which funnily look nothing like her, they are tabby just like their dad who’s another stray here)…. Once the babies were old enough I took mama to fet fixed, so shes had all shots, spay and flea treatment recently. Shes VERY sweet; she loves to be pet and makes biscuits like its her job. Her ear tip was removed at the humane society because I didn’t understand the method otherwise I wouldn’t have let them do it. /: She just needs a loving home bc I have indoor cats and can’t have any more. Please message me if seriously interested!! She’s skittish, and it takes her a bit to warm up, but when she does shes SOO cuddly. The two kittens are also pictured .

  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Vaccines up-to-date
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02 Sep 21:07

Hello. I currently have 2 tabby kittens (male, un-neutered for now) that are about 8 months old by my best guess. Their Mama Cat showed up and I began feeding her but she had already had the kittens somewhere... eventually the kittens showed up at my door as well. They have been by every night since and I have now taken mama to get spayed. The kittens are very sweet and will eat from my hands & play toys but they are still skittish and afraid of people. I can pick them up and pet them but they need loving homes to flourish. I'd like to find homes for both babies and Mama. Mama is super sweet and loves pets. They could all stay together or can be separated if they must, but I would like to TRY to keep the kittens together if at all possible. I just want to find them loving homes. I have not caught the kittens to get them vetted yet but I am treating for fleas and feeding them daily.