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 Aberdeen, WA, USA

Kamiakin (my my)

Needs a loving home ASAP!!
Mixed Breed
  years  6   months old

This puppy is in desperate need of a home his name is Kamiakin his nickname is "my my" , he's about 6 months old he's shy, underweight scared of most animals n loud sounds (bc he has been locked in a room for months). The folks he's coming from can't support him. Someone who has the time for this pup and can feed him and give him unconditional love is what he wants. Dogs don't deserve what this pup has had to endure😔 he's good with kids but he's also just a puppy so would need some time to get adjusted, always wants to play but never gets too. He's never had any sorts of a normal constant life so everything is new to him. If anyone is willing to give this pup a chance at a life and love, u can pm or just comment on this post. Share this post so this pup can find a home. Needing one ASAP!! **Rottweiler/lab. Mom is rottweiler dad is lab. Runt of the litter ** Also has two big bags of dog food and food bowls The rehoming fee is negotiable

  • Good with kids
  • Good with other pets



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