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 Atlanta, GA, USA


Mixed Breed
  years  10   months old

Girl has been an inside dog since I had her but I had went through a domestic violence situation where I was in the hospital for 4 months and she was literally alone she is still fun loving and high energetic dog and loves kids and just needs a whole lot of space to run in the process of me running from the domestic violence situation I came to a state that does not accept dogs or service animals easily they are very discriminatory here and I need as much help as possible I myself am homeless due to the fact that in the process of running from my domestic violence I will scammed in the state that I am in I do not have a home at this point my car has broken down and me and my girl are outside it is unfair to her that she has to be unsocialized and or unable to sleep in a home like she used to be she will and always will go to the bathroom outside she is kid friendly but at the same token before I got her she was abused she does not like being kenneled and she will steal your chicken please help us in any way that you can thank you nakisha Reno

  • Good with kids