Gilbert, AZ, USA


American Staffordshire Terrier
6  years     months old

Missy is a 35 lb staffershire terrier. She was rescued during an AZ summer, locked in a small corner of a dirt lot with little water and no food. She was pregnant when we brought her home, but quickly opened up and let her personality shine through. We’ve had her for two years now, and she couldn’t be a better dog. She loves chew toys (balls, tug rope), cuddling, people, and is super gentle natured. She has no food aggression, and is very patient. She has been around my childhood dog, who with age has gotten grumpy and reactive and Missy payed her no mind, and just wanted to play. She loves baths, sheds very little and loves being outside and going on adventures, she does very well off leash when we’ve gone outdoors(forest and lakes), and can be left alone for 8 hours with no issues. She is kennel trained as well! Before she was rescued there were quite a few dogs in the yard she was living in, and we had my brother in laws large male German Shepherd in our home as well and she did very well with him.  She is not on a food schedule and has no known food sensitivities, she eats out of an auto feeder currently and does very well with it, but we believe she would have no issue on a food schedule if needed! It’s been a hard decision to rehome her after our landlord decided to sell our home but she’ll be the perfect addition to a loving family who’s able to provide the consistency we are unable to due to our current situation.

  • Good with kids
  • Good with other pets
  • House-trained



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