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 Alpharetta, GA


Benny came to me very frail and desperately looking for help. After providing a clean and dry place to sleep and lots of food, he got his strength back up. After a vet visit for tests, antibiotics, and a chip scan (nope), he has been with me for 2 months. He is house trained, and likely was previously. He eats almost anything and desires complete attention. Not much of a lap cat at this point however wants to be with you at all times. With that said, he loves petting and cant get enough of it. He is great with my two older cats and follows them like a little brother
Domestic Shorthair/tabbie
1  years  1   months old

As he is relatively still a kitten, he is active, likes to jump on window sills, dressers, etc. Plays with toys, eats both wet and dry food. And loves fresh water. 10 pounds.

  • House-trained



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