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 St. Joseph, Mi


She's very skittish about everything and of new people. That issue got worse when I had to stay at a motel, but she is loving to me when she wants to be lol. I say she is on the feral borderline. I think she may have been abused in the past but I have no idea for sure. She loves gentle touches and pets, no rough stuff. She doesn't like her belly touched. She bites at me sometimes but never hard. She just thinks she's in charge of me. She also never scratches me on purpose, sometimes accidentally because she's a cat. She loves to eat and will keep eating if you let her. I use toys that slow her down and I primarily keep her on Purina chow hard food for gentle stomachs because she does throw up sometimes when she eats to fast. I adopted her from animal control about 4 years ago and they said she is allergic to red dyes in her food.
Black with some white underneath. Have no idea what breed.
8  years     months old

I mentioned her diet up above. She is an inside cat and has all her claws. They are long and I am unable to get them cut. She has the surgery so will not breed. She is behind on her shots because I am unable to get her to a vet. She is used to being inside and I don't have any other pets. I have no idea how she would acclimate to that. I have a food tree and another toy I use to feed her as that is about all the exercise she gets except for her energy bursts some times of course.

  • Spayed/Neutered
  • House-trained
  • Has special needs Is allergic to red dye and eats fast which makes her throw up. I don't know if she is good with dogs or children.



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