94 Dismal Trail, Bracey, VA, USA


New home for my buddy bruce
6  years     months old

Bruce is a sweet dog that’s good with children and protective. He never bites but will bark at strangers. Otherwise he’s rather quiet and used to the sounds of passing cars and the such. Once introduced to someone he relaxes quickly. He’s energetic, fun, and loves to snuggle, and get under the blanket. He is not good with cats because he try’s to play to hard and may hurt one. Also he has a tendency to fight with other males over a female since he is not neutered. Over all he makes for a fantastic family pet and without stress of other animals he is very docile and loves attention. He has no special needs for diet or medication and is healthy. I’m moving away soon and unfortunately cannot bring him with me and I just want to find him a good home because he deserves it.

  • Good with kids
  • House-trained