College Park, GA, USA

Georgia Rose

1  years  2   months old

Georgia is extremely friendly and smart. She is a Husky Shepherd Mix and is potty trained, spayed and up to date on her records. She only barks when trying to get your attention (when I let her out in the yard and she’s ready to come back in for example). She is NOT a guard dog. If you have an “intruder” or a stranger, she will default to playing with them. I originally got Georgia from the younger sibling of my partner, who was not able to support her. She has never bitten anyone and has never been aggressive. Georgia is 1.2 years old. Georgia is house trained and knows the following commands Sit, Lay, Roll over, Go Potty, Street (when walking up to an intersection, she will stop and sit and wait to walk), Jump, No, Stop, Come Here, Up, Kiss She has a vet account with VCA Animal Clinic. I have paid for services through February of 2024 Georgia likes peanut butter - I like to out it in toys. She needs toys that are harder to bite through. She likes to nibble on toys.

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09 Sep 09:54

Hey, I’m having trouble applying, but I’m interested—my email is if she’s still available