Temecula, CA, USA


Australian Shepherd
3  years  5   months old

This is Pepper and she is a 3 year old Australian Shepperd. She has been a great and loyal dog to my wife and I for the past 3 years and she does great indoors and outdoors. Being a guard dog is in her blood and she protects her own. Pepper gets along with most dogs and plays with them in a nonaggressive manner. She originally was raised in a house with a huge backyard but when moved to a home with a smaller backyard space we noticed it was hard for her to adapt. Pepper has been diagnosed with anxiety which makes her have stressful episodes. Sadly, there has been times, due to her condition, that when she gets startled she reacts in an unpredictable way and it's concerning for us and our toddler. She is on medication but at this point our main concern is our toddler since he loves to chase after Pepper and invade her space. We would love for Pepper to be adopted by a family who will love and be patient with her.



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