Edmonton, AB, Canada

Chub Chub

An amazing companion
2  years  5   months old

Here is Chub Chub the 2-year-old Nebelung cat! With his striking features and charming personality, Chubby is a real delight. The Nebelung breed is known for its long body, captivating yellowish green eyes and luxurious grey Chubby coat that is long and dense, adding to its overall elegance. Chubby is not only physically handsome, but he also has a heart full of affection and love to share. He thrives thanks to human company and will shower his new family with endless hugs and purrs. Chubby goes beyond being a loving companion; he also provides remarkable support when you need it most. It has a unique ability to feel when you feel depressed or need comfort, offering comfort with its presence and gentle behavior. Whether it’s a warm muzzle or a soothing purr, Chubby’s supportive nature can brighten your mind and provide a soothing presence during difficult times. Chubby not only likes humans, but also gets along with other cats for the most part. His friendly disposition allows him to forge bonds and establish harmonious relationships with his feline companions. In addition, Chubby is even known for cuddling with dogs, highlighting his incredible ability to extend his affection to other four-legged friends. Rest assured, Chubby is well aware of household habits. exceptionally trained at home, which means that you can expect a minimum of accidents and a smooth transition in your home. With its intelligent and adaptable nature, it quickly adapts to its environment, making it an excellent addition to any loving family. Chubby was a cherished member of our family, but due to circumstances, I am not able to continue to support him because of the impossibility of having a suitable home for an indoor cat. Although it breaks my heart, I am looking for a new home for Chubby where he can receive the care, love and attention he deserves. Finding a good home for Chubby is of the utmost importance, and with his affectionate personality, impeccable manners, friendly attitude towards other animals and remarkable supportive nature, he is sure to bring joy, warmth and comfort to his new family. If you are ready to welcome a loving and well-behaved companion into your home, Chubby is looking forward to the perfect match.

  • Good with other pets
  • House-trained
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Has special needs hyperesthesia syndrome