Cliffside Park, NJ, USA


Pit Bull Terrier
2  years  0   months old

- when she connects with you she is the most loving, affectionate, protective, caring, & cuddly dog. She absolutely loves tummy rubs, loves playing tug of war, she will cuddle with you for hours, she enjoys taking baths & playing with the water, she loves beef bones, and she’s also very quiet in the household. - I do not know of stormie’s past that much other than that she is a rescued dog from the streets and she was abused violently which caused her a lot of trauma & behavioral issues & reacts overly excited when seeing other animals which turns into aggression. If she is left in crate the she can also start acting out when left alone for too long. Since stormie is a rescue I cannot confirm if she is violent with other animals but when she does see any animal outside she acts out &can become aggressive to handle so I’m not sure what she could do Commands she knows - sit - lay down - come - leave it -stay - paw - wait *house trained*

  • House-trained



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