Norfolk, VA, USA


Pit Bull Terrier
3  years  2   months old

Luna is 3 years old and looking for a loving home in Norfolk. She’s spaded. But also Back in December she got really sick after I changed her food and she became unable to process hard pellets. She has been in the boiled diet ever since, but is also able to eat wet food. I’ve been trying to nurse her back to a healthy weight, but since being kicked out and starting over I just can’t afford it. The doctor said eventually she should be able to process pellets again but it will take time. She’s a very chill dog and well behaved. She’s even kennel trained. The only con is she is still territorial around other dogs, because she’s been attacked twice. But all of that can be worked on with a caring owner. She’s 29 pounds, but all her shots are up to date. Rehoming fee of 50$, she comes with a cage, auntimatic water bowl, a harness, and toys. She’s been my support dog, so if you need someone to comfort you when you cry, she’ll be there and she’ll always stick beside you. She also loves cuddling when its bedtime. Please help me find a loving home, I have given her everything I can, and in return she’s done the same.