Austin, TX, USA

Audrie & Harper

2 amazing loving cats
Maine Coon
10  years  7   months old

I am rehoming my two cats only by necessity. I am recently going through a divorce and I can’t afford pet deposits in an apartment with two cats. As much as I am heartbroken about this, I would love for my two babies to go a home together as they are mother and daughter and I don’t want to split them up. They are loving and caring, and the best cat in the world. They are a little skittish around children under six years old they do not like dogs, (but if you have a dog) I usually leave them in the bedroom when the dog is out and they are fine with that as long as they can come out during the day. I would love to keep in touch to make sure that they are doing OK. My social media is LifewithHeather76. I used to have seizures, and Harper would make sure I was OK and grab somebody’s attention. She is an amazing emotional support animal. I’ve had both of these cats since Harper was six weeks old in November 2013. Audrie was born in June 2014 Audrie is the Maine coon mix and Harper is Siamese mix. They love wet food and treats as a treat. and they are currently on dry food. I will give you everything I have for them, except for the litterbox and and litter.

  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Vaccines up-to-date
  • Good with kids
  • House-trained