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Peanut & Eugene

A super sweet bunny pair! Eugene is the more rambunctious, playful one. He loves attention, while Peanut is more shy but affectionate once she opens up to you :)
Holland Lop
1  years  10   months old

I'd love for them to have a home where they can get some attention each day and a nice space to roam around. One room or a large gated area should be alright as long as they get an hour or so daily to explore. The two of them are potty trained but may still leave droppings occasionally.Each day, they need unlimited hay and water, some leafy greens and pellets, and treats if you'd like. They love people and other bunnies (and can handle cats) but aren't the biggest fans of dogs. They love kids as long as they're well behaved. I will include their supplies as well: litter box with litter and tray, pee pads, exercise pen, hay, nail clipper, harness and leashes, carrier, and a fur vacuum.

  • Good with kids
  • House-trained



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