New Braunfels, TX, USA


My foster dog ive been training
Pit Bull Terrier
3  years     months old

New Pit-bull dog up for adoption at the Humane Society Of New Braunfels! Her name is Daphne, 3 year old pit bull I’ve been fostering and training. Along with house training, she has been doing great with me, she’s submissive with some dogs, other dogs if they provoke her she’ll get a bit grumpy but she has shown no sign of aggression so far. She loves people and Is very gentle. Very good dog, ideal for couples and families. However if she’s is around other dogs who will be aggressive with her, I would not recommend to anyone with dogs like that to have this dog. Other than that she’s great pit, I’ve fostered one other pit bull,training him, and was successful in the training so far until he got adopted out. This is my second pit foster, I’ve been putting in some work with this one and she is very clever, kind, loving, and a awesome friend. Contact me or the Humane Society Of New Braunfels to seek out information on Daphne. I also would like say she is spayed, so she cannot be bred for profit. I am her foster dad and will not allow her in any wrong hands. Thank you have a good day.