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 Spencer, NC, USA


A Quiet loving loyal companion, /DeerChihuahua+Pomeranian
1  years  3   months old

CJ is a lovable dog, he is friendly and very protective, he doesnt bite, but he barks to show dominance occasionally, hes amazing with all animals and is a very curious dog.

  • Good with kids
  • Good with other pets
  • House-trained



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03 Oct 06:40
I wish you were closer to Pennsylvania because I would most definitely take him.He is a gorgeous Chihuahua,I've been looking for a Chihuahua I lost mine in November last year 7 days before my birthday.I had her from the day she was born till she left me 11 years later,she was the runt and mom wouldn't feed her or take care of her so I did and she went everywhere with me.If for any reason you get close to Pennsylvania??let me know an I'll meet you if you still need to place him??I'll adopt him.