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Puppy for adoption
0  years  3   months old

Hi! I adopted Royal a couple of weeks ago. Management from the property I live in won’t let me keep him and have threaten me with kicking me out. Also, I have a busy schedule from 7am to 10pm so I can’t take care of him as good as he deserves. He is neutered, vaccinated up to date ad he got a health check in the shelter. I can provide all paperwork. He meeds to eat a pill on July the 20th, i will provide that as well. I cam slso provide food training pee pads and a leash. He’s a good boy. He doesn’t bark, he doesn’t bite, and he’s very good with kids and other animals. He really deserves somebody that can take care or him the way he deserves. He already knows how to seat and give the paw. He learns super quick. I paid 500 in the dog shelter for him. ( i cam provide proof). Adoption fee negotiable. I’m asking around 350 to cover all expenses I had during these 2 weeks. He’s probably a mix of boxer / retriever. Getting rid of him really hurts, but i have no other choice. I would love if he would be adopted by somebody around the area so that i can still see him at some point. I will allow in person visits, so that anybody can be around him before adopting him. If anybody is interested, feel free to message me and I can send videos, pictures etc.

  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Microchipped
  • Good with kids
  • Good with other pets
  • House-trained



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