Panama City Beach, FL, USA


Awesome, trained boxer/pitbull
Pit Bull Terrier
1  years  6   months old

RUNE Rune is a two year old Pitbull mix. He is about 35 pounds. He is neutered and up to date on vaccines. He is in great health but he does has allergies. We had an allergy panel done on him and special serums made for him, it drastically helped but he still needs to be on a special diet. The food is called Carna4 and It helps him feel his best. We prefer the chicken recipe and he gets a supplement. He is NOT good with small animals and cats. He is NOT good with young kids. He is NOT good with other dogs. (He will ignore kids, animals, cats and dogs while out and about) He can be food aggressive around the things he isn’t good with. He gets overwhelmed by a busy life. He likes calmness. He loves bike rides and going for hikes. His obedience is Awesome! He comes when you call him and stays when you ask him to. Sit, Down, Sit Pretty, Heel, Walks Backwards, Circles…He can really do it all! We will train his new owner all of his commands. He really needs someone who likes the outdoors and needs a hiking or biking buddy! He is very cuddly when you are chilling at home. He loves his kennel. He has awesome tactipup collar with his name on it. He has a favorite tug toy that will get him to pretty much do anything! He is VERY much loved by us, this decision is hard for us but we know it will be the best for him if we can find the right fit. Call 850-615-9191 if you are looking to meet your new best friend.

  • Vaccines up-to-date
  • House-trained



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