Phoenix, AZ, USA


Cute cuddly orange kitty!
Domestic Short Hair
10  years  0   months old

This is Max! He's a very affectionate, cuddly cat who loves attention. Max especially likes to be pet on his head: rubbed, gently scratched, caressed, whatever. He loves it. He is also house trained. If he has a cat door, he will do his business outside, then come back in when he's ready. When we first got him in 2017, Max hid under a bed for about a week until he got used to his surroundings. But slowly he began to feel comfortable. Now he's happy and loves lounging around. We trained Max not to jump on beds or couches. While he was with us, he had his own treehouse and cat bed, and would sleep in those unless he was permitted another option. He has a microchip in case he gets lost and found. Make sure you register yourself as the new owner for his chip. Here's a video of Max, filmed on July 3, 2022: We have a 2-year-old and a newborn. Both seem to have allergies, so we need to find Max a new home. Thank you!



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