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American Bulldog Re-Home
American Bulldog
5  years  1   months old

Oscar was a rescue for us a few weeks ago from a chain in our neighbor’s backyard. He was the 5th dog we added to our pack and we wanted to give him a better life. He’s full of energy and absolutely loves humans and loves to be loved on. He does great inside. He slept with us for a few weeks and was inside all the time. He truly is a happy boy most of the time. We learned though that due to his lack of socialization from the chain life that he does not do well around other pets. It’s for this reason we have to re-home him though it’s breaking our hearts. He’s a great dog for humans, he just needs work around other animals and we aren’t able to commit to that at the moment with 4 other dogs. He is microchipped and that can be put into your name easily. He needs neutered as we hadn’t gotten to that yet only having him 3-4 weeks. He would be a great dog for someone without other pets who wanted a loyal companion. Just know he’s a strong boy! He lays around as long as you do and he quietly follows you around when you’re up and moving.

  • Microchipped
  • House-trained



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