Baytown, TX, USA


German Shepherd Dog
5  years  0   months old

Was my dads dog and he has recently passed away after a long battle with kidney failure among other health issues. Sadie is a sweet affectionate girl just takes her a minute to trust you. She has had a lot of changes this year but has adapted well. She has an assumed birth defect front curved leg slows her down will need surgery eventually. Do not know if she was on heartworm prevention do not believe she was so would not be surprised if she was heartworm positive. She needs someone who can financially take care of her I am unable to I took her so she didn’t end up at the pound in hopes of finding her a good home. She is sweet to our kids and our dogs please give her a chance to have a home.

  • Good with kids
  • Good with other pets
  • Has special needs Curved leg/ birth defect



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