Loma Linda, CA, USA


Blue is a German Shepard Pitbull mix breed.
German Shepherd Dog
1  years  5   months old

We’ve had blue since he was 1 month old, he is now 1 year & 5 months.. unfortunately we’re not able to keep him due to our apartment complex not accepting pets so we have to rehome him and we’re avoiding the shelter. - Blue is so sweet, funny and friendly and loves to meet new people, dogs and cats. He is a great, loving family dog and needs a big backyard to run around. He LOVES to play, jump and do tricks for treats! He does come with his bowls, kennel, poop bags and toys he has.. If you’re seriously interested, please DM me.. Shots we’ve given him: CANINE Covid vaccine, CANINE distemper-adenovirus type 2-parainfluenza- parvovirus vaccine

  • Good with kids
  • Good with other pets
  • House-trained



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