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 Goodlettsville, TN, USA


Good dog but needs a DOGLESS home
Australian Cattle Dog / Blue Heeler
2  years  11   months old

Chief is a beautiful fantastic dog and we hate to see him go. Sadly our landlord believes his dog attack related PTSD makes him dangerous. He cant be around other dogs as he was, as previously stated, attacked and tends to be on the defensive around any other dogs. Small children, as they are dog sized, may startle him but he won't attack them. Besides that he's a great dog, he listens to sit, come, down, etc. He's very intelligent and will let you know if he needs to use the bathroom by pawing the door and sitting in front of it. Hes very snuggly and really enjoys company. He's very found of cats, and enjoys playing with his brother Willow. Please feel free to call or text my number about him.

  • Vaccines up-to-date
  • House-trained
  • Has special needs Has dog attack PTSD. Will become defensive around any other dog



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