6801 N 55th Dr, Glendale, AZ 85301, USA


2  years  0   months old

This is Blue, a lively silly Maltipoo who loves kittens and stuffed toys! She’s a very smart doggie and will catch on to things very quickly, Blue is goofy, lovable, and sweet. she’s also very good with kittens and loves to plays with them. we have a kitten that she has formed a beautiful bond with. She will let the kitten sleep on top of her, or beside her and she loves to play with the kitty and she is very gentle with kittens. We had a litter of kittens and she took care of them as if she was the mother because the mom had abandoned them for awhile. Blue even gently picking the kittens up and bringing them back to their bed when the kittens went astray. Blue’s favorite things are stuffed toys, and going on walks. When she goes on walks she loves to look and see the cats and the other dogs but she does bark. Blue loves to look up at the trees and watch the birdies sing. She will jump when she hears them. Blue will play with anything you Throw at her, anything. Blue also barks at strangers and dogs. Blue can also understand some Spanish words. Sadly we have too many dogs we cannot keep the lovely Blue because our small home and our inability to care for each and every one of our dogs.. take a look at this little dog, if you are looking to adopt her I am sure she will love you and she will adapt very quickly, because she is very open to see new things! please feel welcome and free to contact me if you’d like to adopt Blue for free!

  • Vaccines up-to-date



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