Ennis, TX 75119, USA


Need to find a caring home for a sweet older dog
Pit Bull Terrier
7  years  0   months old

Daisy is a very sweet pit terrier i have had her for around three years now and love this dog. I would love to see her go to a great loving home. She likes cats and small dogs but she doesn’t really play nice with bigger dogs. She has been a perfect angel for me although she does have separation anxiety to a small degree but she can get used to absences like work or school and she will be beyond excited when you get home. I would hold on to her but we are moving soon and are not allowed pets at our new residence. She loves to play fetch (although good luck getting the ball back) and tug of war. She is very timid and can be frightened by a lot of things but for the most part she is just a great playful cuddly pit that really puts the stereotypes to shame.

  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Good with kids
  • House-trained



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