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 Clarksville, TN, USA


Sweet cat for the right patient pet parent
Domestic Short Hair
5  years  0   months old

Hi, I'm looking for a bit of advice and a home for Tink. I'm not looking for a home because I need advice for her. I'm looking for a home because I've recently been through a divorce and I currently live in a place with six other animals. So I'm having to down size because my animals and their animals are too much for one household. However, she does also reap havoc on the other animals and so the advice would be nice for her next home. Tink is aggressive to people besides my boyfriend and I and she's also aggressive to other animals except for the one who she is pictured with. I'm not sure why but she's always took a liking to one of my other cats but none of the rest or dogs. She has behavioral issues clearly. I know that calming collars or other methods aren't going to work because I see them not working on the other cat that Tink terrorizes. I'm hoping that there is someone understanding she has behavioral issues that doesn't have other animals or kids that will take her in and work with her. I understand that is probably not going to happen. No one wants a mean cat, everyone has other animals or kids, and no one is patient enough. Even if no one here would take her, if there's anyone that could put me through to someone else that might it would be so helpful. She really can be loving. She's so sweet to me. She's just so mean to everyone else. If I could keep her I really would but I'm just no longer in a household where I can. If I take her to a shelter they will put her down. If I put her outside she will get hit. I'm asking if anyone knows what I can do for her or who would take her. I'm out of options.

  • Has special needs Aggressive/Behavioral Issues



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