Long Beach, CA, USA


Looking for loving home
Pit Bull Terrier
1  years  3   months old

looking for a loving home for Kobe. Our landlord gave us the ultimatum of either getting evicted or rehome Kobe. we currently don’t make enough to move into a pet friendly house so we all had to come to a difficult decision and rehome our loving Kobe. Kobe still has separation anxiety and is very highly energetic. We hope to find a family that can train him to his fullest potential. He is a very loving dog if you’re patient with him. We do ask to keep in contact and send us updates of his well being after all he’s a family member to us. we can try our best to help support him such as help providing food/help with medical bills. We just want to be able to see him(with prior arrangements ofc).

  • Vaccines up-to-date



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