East 221st Street, Bronx, NY, USA


Loving 1Yr Old Black Lab/German Shephard
German Shepherd Dog
0  years  11   months old

Luka is a fun, loving, affectionate dog. He is turning a year old in June & will bring the light into anyones life! He has a couple issues which I will further discuss now. He has noise sensitivities including, loud cars, screaming, and anything out of the normal for him. He is a barker so he when he gets scared by something he’ll most likely run away and start to bark. Luka also has separation anxiety due to me spoiling & babying him all the time… he really doesn’t like being left alone & the process of adoption will be hard on him but everything will work out for the right person. Luka is also aggressive with my other male husky dog which is not neutered. (This is the reason I am having Luka put up for adoption). Luka isn’t neutered neither so they fight and I wouldn’t recommend having Luka around new dogs unless he is neutered and there are boundaries. He should be looked after attentively and wouldn’t recommend having him around other dogs unless trained properly. Other than that, Luka is amazing with us. He’s loving, has never growled at me, he’s never bit me, he’s just a very smart dog. He is super goofy and catches on to things quick. Luka is fully POTTY TRAINED. He’s very clean and will do his business on a wee wee pad no problem. Right now I have his wee wee pads in his cage and that’s where he does his business. He won’t pee or poop anywhere else unless he has no choice. He likes to eat his toys sometimes & loves to play! He’s going to be a big dog so he needs lots of exercise, attention, and love! Luka is my baby & this will be hard on me but he deserves a better life. Message me on Instagram for more info: @miss_leerosee



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