San Antonio, TX, USA

Koda Bear

German Shepherd Dog
  years  8   months old

Hi !! This is Koda Bear , he is approximately 7-8 months old . He was a stray puppy in our neighborhood. We took him in about 3 months ago. Other dogs weren’t so nice to him on the street we live on, so we decided to take him in as a foster to hopefully find him his forever home ! He is super energetic and playful, he is timid at first but will come out of his shell he just needs some encouragement. He loves to cuddle and wants ALL the attention. Not to sure about his breed but I think he’s a German Shepherd mix. He is potty trained to use the restroom outside and knows to use pee pads if needed. He loves to chew on things, so a doggy bone is encouraged at all times. He is kennel trained. Pls message me if interested or have any questions ! ☺️

  • Good with kids
  • House-trained



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