Springfield, MA, USA


Need a New Home for Cat
American Shorthair
2  years  5   months old

Hello, I’m looking to re-home a cat we have for $20. We have a cat of our own, but she isn’t ours and we can’t afford to care for both of them. Her name is Mela, pronounced Me-la. She’s 2 1/2, she’ll be 3 around September. She has general good health; we suspect she may have slightly poor eyesight in one of her eyes. She is fixed! I believe she did get her rabies shot when she was fixed. I’m looking for serious inquiries only! There are going to be requirements below if you have any intention of taking her! •You must have a food and water bowl •You must have a litter box and litter •You must have cat food (I will give you the brand and type of cat food she is on) If you plan on switching her, we can give you some of her food so you can switch her. •You must have a vet nearby •You must have at least 3 toys for her (we’ll provide 2 of her own). You must provide photo proof that you have all these things for her! It is preferred if you don’t have any other pets. We will not guarantee she’ll take a liking to any pets you have. If you have kids, I don’t know if she’ll be a fit. She doesn’t attack kids or anything, she just doesn’t like them as much. She’ll usually avoid kids, but if she can’t then she’ll turn away. If your kids is not properly mannered around animals, she will scratch! (Like most cats) She has scratched my niece before because she kept bothering her. SHE IS NOT AN OUTDOOR CAT! This is for local pickup only! The weekends work best! She will be brought in with her cat carrier. Please contact me if you are interested in taking her! Payment methods such as PayPal, Cash App, and Zelle are the only ones we’ll take. You must pay half for when you decide and you’ll pay the other half the day you bring her home, before you take her. If you don’t send in the other half then we will refuse to bring her.

  • Spayed/Neutered



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