Nanticoke, PA, USA


Give Nancy her forever home!
Mixed Breed
1  years  6   months old

Meet Nancy! Our Nancy came into our home 3 weeks ago. I personally rescued her from a man keeping her in his truck, only letting her out to use the bathroom. I came across a post on Facebook from a concerned neighbor, saying a dog had been in a truck outside her house for days on end. I found out what street the car was on, got a description of the truck, and made my way to the truck. I showed up, ensure the dog was okay, and called the police. Unfortunately, the police could not do anything, so I left a note on the truck’s windshield offering to take the dog, or even assist the owner by buying food, treats, bedding, etc. and left my phone number. The next day, I got a phone call and the owner decided it was best for Nancy to give her a new home. I already had two dogs of my own, and hoping all three would get along, I brought her into our home. After introducing the 3 dogs together, all went well… at first. About a week into having Nancy, her and my female dog got into a fight and both dogs required stitches. Nancy absolutely needs to be an only pet, she does chase our cats and cannot be homed with any other dogs. She is a WONDERFUL companion. She is so loving, friendly, kind, and sweet. She is a HUGE cuddler and loves sleeping in our bed with us. She is great with kids and babies. She will absolutely be your very best friend. She incredibly people-social and loves every single human she comes in contact with. She loves to play with rope toys and squeaky toys, and lovessss chew toys. She is house-trained and does not chew anything when left alone. She does not need to be crated but she will whine a little when you leave her alone at first, but after about 10-15mins, she stops and relaxes. She is great in the car, but not the best on leashes— she does need to be further leash trained. Nancy is my very best friend and deserves nothing but the absolute best.

  • Good with kids
  • House-trained



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