Lubbock, TX, USA


Border Collie/Catahoula Puppy
Border Collie
0  years  3   months old

I found her at my apartment complex digging through trash cans. We’ve taken her to the vet to be searched for a microchip, none found. She had a minor UTI, so I started her on a round of antibiotics. She is the sweetest, most fun loving, and adorable puppy ever. I would absolutely love to keep her, but I do not think that’s fair to her considering she is a working breed & I live in an apartment. She is great with my two Boston terriers. I would love for someone to adopt her that could provide her with a backyard and work her daily. She has already learned to sit & go to the door to go potty in 72 hours. She is so smart!!!

  • Good with other pets



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