Miami, FL, USA


bull terrier Jack Russell mix sweetheart
3  years  0   months old

Mika was adopted by my father to keep company for his first dog. She was adopted around 7 months old as a rescue and she is now around 3 years old. She is an extremely loving dog to her family. Unfortunately, she is not suited for a house with another dog. My family tried to make it work but she has attacked him several times. She has recently attacked him again and we need to keep him safe. Mika is very dear to my heart. She is very smart, and extremely loving. I lived with my father for about a year and a half and I took care of both dogs, walking them everyday and training her. That made her much more calm. She listened to me, felt safe around me (I was strict with her which made her feel safe) and she has never attacked our other dog… Until I moved out. My father’s family does not have the time to walk her or train her, she does not have a garden to run in, causing her to have too much energy and grow anxious. Her future owner needs to be present and be firm, that will lead her to respect you and love you even more (I’m her favorite). She LOVES walks. She is reactive and her triggers are strangers and other dogs, making her a great house guard dog. She will not let any stranger inside your home. But once you introduce them, she will instantly warm up to them. I cannot take her myself as I do not really have a house of my own, I am being housed by friends and dogs are not allowed there, which breaks my heart. Mika means the world to me. I will miss her terribly. Whoever becomes her best friend will be the luckiest person in the world.

  • Spayed/Neutered
  • House-trained



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