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Saint Bernard a great guard dog
Saint Bernard
4  years  0   months old

We got Charlie when he was a puppy 4 years ago . We are planning to move and we cannot take Charlie with us. I don’t charge any money here. I just want to make sure he will go to the right family. It is never an easy decision to give up a part of the family. We will all be heart broken without him but it is for the best. He is neutered and got his shot updated at March 2022. He has spent his whole life in our large property with our young children and one other older dog. He is very protective and can be a barker when he sees other ppl and animals approach the property. He is not socialized with other dogs and the only times he has been in public is going to the vet. He is not as mellow as the stereotype Saint Bernard. He likes to play and he is stubborn. He barks when he needs to be fed and let out but otherwise he is never destructive while he lives inside the house with us. He doesn’t drool as much as the other Saint Bernard but he does like to bump you with his mouth and rub drool onto your clothes. He sheds quite a bit too. So if you are planning to keep him inside the house, best thing is to limit his access in a small area such as the kitchen. He loves to play with the kids but if you have small children, he can knock her down even he has been trying his best to be careful. He is a very large dog. He will be very compatible with a family who has older kids or other large dogs. He doesn’t do well by himself. He is a lot of dog! He doesn’t run around so a large property is not required but he needs company and can be clingy. Otherwise he makes a GREAT guard dog!

  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Vaccines up-to-date
  • Microchipped
  • Good with kids
  • House-trained



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