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 Camden, TN, USA


German Shepherd Dog
2  years  4   months old

Mia is such a sweet girl! She is full blooded German Shepard without papers. We got her at the age of 8 weeks. She was an only dog until about a year ago. We brought in another puppy. She did pretty good with him while he was growing up but now that he has matured, they rarely get along. We keep them separated 95% of the time and if they are together we have to be supervising. I believe Mia is unhappy honestly. Because of where we live and us not having a fenced area nor the room for underground fence, she does not get to run much. She LOVES to run and really she needs a lot more exercise than we can offer her. She is not aggressive. She has never bit anyone. She does well with cats. She should probably go to a home where she will be an only dog and get ALL the attention. I believe that is why she is unhappy here. She has never hurt our other dog but, she let's him know she doesn't want to play then let's us know she wants to go in her kennel to be away from our other dog. I have taken her to our local dog park and she loved it. She loves to play with humans and will often have a toy in her mouth and nudge you with it till you give in and play with her. She is incredibly smart and I believe she is no where near her full potential. She's solid black and medium sized. She has one ear that tends to droop a little due to rough play with our dog when he was younger. She's had all of her shots and is chipped as well. She will come with her massive kennel (we call it her mansion), and enough of the food we give her to last a week. I would love for her new parents to send me updates and pictures of her. Honestly it breaks my heart even typing this out right now but I love her so much im willing to let go so she can have a better life that she will enjoy to the fullest. Thanks for your interest.

  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Vaccines up-to-date
  • Microchipped
  • House-trained



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