West Covina, California, USA

Tutu and Rex

2 young male rats rehoming
0  years  4   months old

I need to rehome 2 young bonded male rats, they are pets only, the dumbo is pretty skittish but has never bit me and i am able to hold him, only skittish when trying to get him out of the cage, the cream and white standard one is very sweet, loves people and loves to be held, a good shoulder rat, they both love treats and will take them from you non aggressively, i am not able to have them anymore because of like changes and i also am very allergic to them, i love them and want them to go to a good home where they will be pets because i am bonded to them, i've had the white and cream one since they were a rat pup, so very use to humans, and they will also come with a bag of lab blocks Located West Covina California

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