Whiteland, IN, USA

Charlie & mochi

Bonded mini rex & mini lop. Male & female. I want them going to a good home. They are not good with kids. They are very sweet, smart, babies. I just have a lot going on and can’t give them the time they need. They will come with all of their supplies. Message me for more info
2  years  0   months old

Charlie (mini rex) is a 2 year old male. I got him first. He is super sweet, loves to be pet, loves bananas and raisins. He loves to be let out of his enclosure at night to run around the room! Mochi (mini lop) is a 1 yr old female. I got her a year after having Charlie. Bunnies do best in pairs. They are best friends and love to cuddle each other. Mochi doesn’t like to be touched much but is starting to warm up to it. Maybe just need someone to work with her on it. She’s super sassy & sweet. She loves berries & raisins. She loves to boss Charlie around lol. They are the sweetest pair. I’m looking for someone that will take as good care of them as I did. Spoil them, treat them with respect, and make sure they’re happy! :) message me if interested or have questions

  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Vaccines up-to-date
  • House-trained



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