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 Pensacola, FL 32514, USA


Start your next amazing love affair with Howie!
6  years  0   months old

Howard is looking for the great love of his life!  Will you be the one to accept his purrs and cuddles? ❤  Howie hails from the tough streets of Tiki lane in Pensacola, FL, and has been searching for love from the safety of his foster home in Pensacola since March 2021 after living outside during his previous, mysterious life. Howie is a beautiful Flame-point Siamese gentleman of 5 years old. After having lived such an intrepid life, Howie is hoping to settle down in a quiet castle where he can be the Sole Cat King and reign the world supreme and lay on all laps within his realm. With slow and proper introductions, Howie can be with peasants (dogs, big or small). Outside from that, Howie is a little love ninja - just when you think you're alone, BAM!, there he is, giving you love. He is a velcro cat who craves to be near his peoples. He can be very shy at first, but once he warms up and you see his true personality, you can't help but melt looking at him. Howie loves to talk. He's very chatty,  carrying on with purrs, chirps and trills. Some of my deepest conversations have been with him. Howie loves to go outside, but he must be on a leash or supervised so he doesn't make an escape to explore the country and conquer other realms. When he gets out, the goal is to find other cats and take their stuff. Seriously, don't test him! Howie does have some medical needs:   *Howie is FIV+, this is essentially cat HIV. It is only transmittable between cats. Humans and other animals are immune. Please do not discount him for this.   *Howard has asthma. When I brought him in last year, he was wheezing, having asthma attacks and struggled to purr. After months of care and prednisone, Howie has turned a complete 180° and is so much better. No wheezing or asthma attacks in months now. He gets his medicine once a week to support him. *Howie has a persistent case of very very mild conjunctivitis. It's not bad, but his eyes do make more boogies than the average cat. He is very good about letting me wipe his boogies! Lol Howie comes fully equipped with two beds, food, dishes, snacks, toys, a favorite blanket and health care items. He eats Diamond Naturals Indoor cat formula and his wet food is Castor & Pollux Pristine grain-free chicken or turkey wet food. He sees the packet and loses his mind! Howie is neutered and fully up to date on all vaccines and has his rabies tags. I've saved all his health records. For anyone interested, I am asking for a $50.00 rehoming fee. My priority is Howie's safety and happiness. I will ask for phone interviews and in-person home visits and meet-and-greets for anyone interested. I will also be checking vet references. Howie's Likes: Food - loves meat! Belly rubs Sitting on your lap or next to you Hours of petting Exploring and smelling things Scritches under his cheeks and around his thick neck LASER POINTER String toys Outside adventures Bird watching Learning new tricks. Howie sits on command! Making biscuits Stalking and eating lizards - I try to save them when I can! Mutual grooming - you pet him, he'll start grooming you. Talking Howie's Dislikes: Being brushed Being forced to go inside when he wants outside-- Howie sometimes channels his wild boy side and will refuse to listen (he can be down-right obstinate and hiss at me) and run around the yard till I catch him and carry him inside-- Sudden, loud noises People yelling - he runs and hides. He is very triggered by yelling Rough car driving - Howie an excellent rider in his crate with a gentle driver. He gets very distressed if driving is erratic. I'm sure there's more to share that I'm forgetting but I'll stop here. Get to know this big fluffernutter and give him the peace and serenity he so deserves. Thank you for you time, everybody!

  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Vaccines up-to-date
  • House-trained
  • Has special needs FIV+, asthma, mild conjunctivitis.



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