Re-Home ASAP

I got my husky approx 5 years ago at the pet store in Santa Maria mall and he's been an great pet but we don't have enough space for him and he needs to run and play every day and we don't have the available time anymore he's a great dog if you have the time and place to enjoy him at Play time he likes attention he speaks he said I love you and another words very funny we always have fun with him every day is something different than he said or do he loves to go for a walk or hiking, running etc. and also he's afraid of fireworks and thunderstorms. we love him but unfortunately we have to find another home for him if you email me or text me I can send you a lot of pictures of him since he was a baby thank you. I don't find the paperwork yet but we always take him to the vanderberg village veterinary clinic in lompoc ca 93436 if you like to check with the them.
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136 days ago

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