German Shepard Phoenix

He Needs A Home!! I Rescued Him From An Animal Hospital I Work At, His Previous Owners Were Going To Put Him To Sleep Because Did Not Want Him. He Was One Injection Away From Death. He Is Hyper And Playful, Loves Fetch And Squeaky Things. Super Loving And Likes To Chew On His Toys. Chases His Tail A Lot When Happy, And Is Pretty Leash Trained. Kind Of Dumb But I Still Love Him, Can't Keep Him Because My Parents Don't Want Him, And We Have To Small Of A Yard. Is Neutered And Up To Date With Vaccines.
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676 days ago

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Hi is he still available
20 Dec 18:44
Reach out! Lets have a conversation about this pup! I’ve got a home in VA with a 2 yr old golden retriever that would LOVE a brother or sister!
14 Aug 14:47
If you guys were in New York I’d totally take him 🥺
02 Aug 05:38