Rehome my Pet

Good morning friends! Unfortunately, we are looking to rehome my MIL dog, Malachi. He's a sweet boy, but requires a lot more attention than my MIL can give him. She has been in the hospital for months and is expected to be home on Thursday. She has an arm an a leg in a cast, and unfortunately, Malachi is just too hyper for her. When she does get home she will not be physically able to care for him in the way that he needs. We would take him, however, we already have 6 pets of our own. He's about a year and a half old, and loves to play! He is a Basenji, he's potty trained and crate trained. He does well with other dogs, but will need some introduction to other cats. He does well around children as well, however, I am unsure about small children. If you are interested in adding a new member to the family, or know someone who is, please reach out and share this post so that the little boy can find his forever family! Thank you!
688 days ago

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Can you help with his transportation to San Jose ca
29 Sep 03:48