Rehome Your Pet With Benji

Choosing home-to-home pet adoption with Benji offers many benefits for both pet adopters and pet owners. Here are just a few of the reasons why home-to-home adoption is the best choice:

Personalized experience: By connecting pet adopters and pet owners directly, Benji provides a personalized experience that ensures the pet finds the right home. Adopters can get to know the pet and their owner and ask questions to make sure they're making the best decision.

Reduced risk of pet trafficking and puppy mills: Benji reduces the risk of pet trafficking and puppy mills by connecting adopters and owners directly. This helps ensure that each pet finds a loving, permanent home.

Safe and secure: Our app is designed to provide a safe and secure alternative to online classifieds and pet store adoptions. We verify the identities of pet owners and adopters as well as provide resources to help ensure successful adoptions.

Responsible pet ownership: Pet owners are given resources to make informed decisions about rehoming their pets. And adopters are given the opportunity to learn about the pet's history and personality.

Better for the pets: Pets stay in familiar surroundings and limit the stress of transitioning to their forever homes, making the process easier for both the pet and the owners.