How to Rehome Your Pet With Find Benji

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About Rehoming Dogs and Cats with Find Fenji

Rehoming pets is a last resort, but sometimes it is necessary—and when done right, it can improve the lives for everyone involved, including the pets themselves. Rehoming with Find Benji ensures that the pets don't have to go into the shelter system. Keeping pets out of a shelters doesn’t just help them—it allows limited shelter space to go to homeless pets.

Create Your Pet's Profile on Find Benji

Download the Find Benji app or create an account on Navigate to the Rehome page and share information on your pet including his/her temperament, traits and special needs. You can also add photos, which are great for showing off your pet’s personality. Once published, your pet's profile will appear in the Find Benji search results for the site’s potential adopters.

Potential Adopters Apply to Adopt Your Pet

Prospective adopters who are interested in your pet will fill out a short and simple application form, sharing information about themselves, their lifestyle, as well as why they’re seeking to adopt your pet.

Learn More About Potential Adopters

Review the applications and reach out directly to the potential adopters to learn more about them. In addition, you can check the adopter's public profile page on Find Benji that includes extra information on the prospective pet parents.

Choose the Right Fit for Your Pet

Once you selected the best parents for your pet, set up a time to meet them. You may develop a relationship with the person/family you end up adopting to. You may keep in touch with each other, so you can see your pet later.


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