Tips to prepare your home for a new dog


1. Crate a welcoming environment

Be prepared with food and water bowls, treats, toys, a bed and potty pads (if the pup is not house-trained).

2. Place any fragile objects and plants out of your dog’s reach

Keep your dog’s size in mind as you decide where to put things.

3. Put away potential hazards

Remove items of jewelry along with coins, medication and creams and any other small objects. Check your kitchen inventory for foods that are poisonous to dogs. This includes coffee, chocolate, garlic, and avocados.

4. Set up baby gates to keep your dog out of certain areas of your house

Also, make sure access to the fireplace is blocked off by a grate or screen.

5. Stock up on paper towels and a supply of carpet cleaner

Some dog owners use puppy pads, available at pet stores, during the housebreaking period.

Source: Wikihow

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