Essential supplies for new dog owners


1. Collar, leash and identification

A collar holds a dog license and identification tag, which lists the dog’s name and your phone number. The leash gives you control during walks or obedience training.

2. Crate and dog bed

Dogs are den animals, and they love the comfort and security offered by a snug space of their own. Make sure that your dog can stand up, lie down, turn around, and stretch inside.

3. Food & water bowls

Though generally the most expensive, stainless steel bowls are the best choice. They’re durable, easy to clean and sanitize.

4. Food and treats

If you’re not sure about which diet to feed your puppy, talk to your veterinarian or breeder.

5. Chew toys

Dogs need to gnaw. Unless you want to replace your furniture, get that pooch something to chew.

Source: Forbes

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