Tips to help with your dog's separation anxiety


1. Independence trainin

Discourage your puppy from following you around the house by teaching her/him a solid down/stay and making them stay in one room while you are in another.

2. Give the puppy alone time

Put your dog in a room or crate, shut the door, and leave the room for short bits of time. Slowly increase the time you are out of the room, starting with a few seconds and building up to 15-30 minutes.

3. Habituate the puppy to departure cues

List all the things that you do when preparing to leave the house that makes your dog anxious. Perform these tasks in repetitions of several times a day without leaving. Work on one thing at a time until your dog no longer reacts to it, and then move to another trigger.

4. Low-Key Departures and Arrivals

Do not have long good-byes or greetings. Keep them calm, controlled and short.

5. Desensitize the puppy to your absence

Start to stay away for longer periods of time. Leave for one minute and come back, and then two minutes, etc., then longer and longer. Use a variable schedule for how long you stay away. You should leave her/him with toys and the radio or TV on for all absences.

Source: MSPCA

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