How Find Benji Eliminates Barriers to Pet Adoption

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Some pet owners may find themselves in situations where caring for an animal is no longer a possibility. Directly finding a new owner keeps pets out of shelters. Find Benji is dedicated to making that process socially responsible and easier for everyone. For those looking to adopt a pet, our free app allows anyone to find a new best friend. We don’t judge who is worthy of owning a pet, but we make the process simpler for potential owners and adopters to connect and let the people who know the pet best find the most loving home.


A growing body of research suggests that simplifying the process of finding new homes for pets is just as effective as (and even more successful) than more complex application and interview processes. Find Benji provides an easy-to-use app that helps pet owners and rescue organizations connect with potential adopters using a short, standardized application that balances simplicity and enough detail for a seller to come up with a short-list of potential new homes for their pet.


Some organizations and policies create serious barriers to adoption that not only lengthen the amount of time animals stay in shelters, but also can target specific communities, labeling them unfit for adoption. Find Benji eliminates discriminatory questions from the application process.


Most rescue organizations do incredible work and Find Benji supports them in their missions of finding loving homes for all pets. However, as described by animal welfare agencies, transparency around adoption practices are needed. Find Benji’s community reviews and comments on pet sellers, shelters, or rescue organizations helps give adopters the information they need before committing to the adoption process.

Pet - friendly and humane

Long and complex adoption processes can lengthen the time pets are without a permanent home, leading to unnecessary stress and trauma. Find Benji’s simple, paperless, digital pet adoption process cuts down on stress and saves time so pets can go to their loving new home faster.


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