5 Signs of a Responsible Breeder

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They willingly show you all areas where puppies and their parents spend their time

Responsible breeders only sell puppies to people they meet in person. They encourage you to visit and spend some time with them and their dogs. Their pups will be in roomy spaces that meet the needs of their particular breed; for example, most small breeds will be housed inside the home, while sporting breeds will have plenty of space for exercise.

They are transparent and informative

They should be informative and honest about a breed’s physical and temperamental traits. They can explain in detail the potential genetic and developmental problems inherent to the breed and they can show you individual records of veterinary visits for your puppy and the parents.

They don't sell puppies that are not ready to leave their home

The breeder should not allow you to bring home the puppy until it’s 8 to 12 weeks old. Puppies need time to mature and socialize with its mother and litter mates.

They don't sell “teacups”

A toy-dog breeder should not market “teacup” varieties. This is not an actual size classification and is usually attained through breeding runts. So-called teacup dogs often come with a host of health problems.

They don’t always have puppies available

Responsible breeders breed sparingly. They specialize in only one or a few breeds and don’t always have puppies available.

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